AME Direct


AME Direct offers an introduction for Wool Growers to international clients through the affiliated Australian Merino Exports – one of Australia’s biggest wool exporting companies, who service a worldwide network of manufacturers consuming both greasy and processed wools.

Sell your wool direct to export at our Ararat, Ballarat, Bendigo, Kilmore or Laverton North stores.

On farm consultation available by appointment.


The aim of this direct approach is higher prices, lower selling costs and more feedback between customers and growers, allowing wool growers to access good advice on the strength of markets internationally and the best market for their product.

"We want to see a sustainable wool industry in Australia and to achieve that, the grower needs to be receiving the best price for their wool."

Chris Kelly, Director

Hands OnApproach

a personalised wool buying company
Providing a Hands-on approach


Wool purchased by AME Direct including crossbred types, is not only sold directly to overseas mills, but also supplies Australian Merino Exports with fibre for their top making and early stage processing operations.

"At Australian Merino Exports we produce specialty wool tops for our international clients so in that way, the grower is selling directly to a wool consumer rather than a middle man", Mr Thomson says.



Our partners, Wool Solutions offer all brokering services for producers using the auction system.

We work together to create a tailored solution, achieving optimum results for the growers.

"At Australian Merino Exports we produce specialty wool tops for our international clients so in that way, the grower is selling directly to a wool consumer rather than a middle man."

James Thomson, Director

Buying Australian Wool

Direct to Export Quotes on Farm

Offering net prices, we can offer a buying services that reduces selling costs compared with the auction system.

Forward Prices

With many of our international clients looking for single region sourcing we are offering forward contracts for full or part clips.

Shed Clean ups

Allow us on farm to assess and price your current stock including oddments, buts and bags.

Grid Pricing

Using our market knowledge and filling orders direct to export we can provide grid prices based on your all full AWTA test. Prices are guaranteed upon result.

Cash Door

We can pay you in cash on the day or electronic transfer to your nominated bank account. Available during store hours or by appointment.

Buying All Wool Types

We can offer you a competitive price on all you wool including large and small lines of Crossbred and Merino wool.

Meet the team

Ararat Team

Ararat Team

Having lived and worked in the Ararat area for his whole life, Tim Gration is a well know local who is passionate about his local community.

Tim is known for his wool knowledge and is keen to offer the best result for the wool growers in his area, by offering a variety of pricing methods to maximise the wool growers returns.

Ballarat Team

Ballarat Team

The Ballarat store has been operating under the guidance of well respected wool expert David Brooks.

David has enjoyed a long and successful career in the wool industry and can offer current advice on the local conditions and the best methods for wool preparation and sale.

Baendigo Team

Bendigo Team

Charlie Barnes comes to us from the New Zealand wool industry and is excited to get to know the region with help Michael Cornish who has been a long time Wool Buyer in the area.

Together they hope to offer the local growers a competitive alternative, with strong pricing, prompt door payments or a full auction service if preferred.

Kilmore/Laverton North Team

Kilmore/Laverton North Team

Rod Thomson has been operating as a wool buyer throughout Central Victoria for over 40 years, enabling him to offer a well rounded perspective on the shifts in the wool market.

Backed by Australian Merino Exports, Rod can provide the best solutions available to maximise the wool growers return.

"Our approach is personal and specialised for growers, a hands-on approach."

James Thomson, Director
Wool Buyer